Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A very Odd Day

I am so sorry I have not been blogging for an Age! So much has been going on and I must say I hope you haven't lost interest in me, have you? I don't think so...
today things are very odd, I am sure you get these sort of days, but this one is most strange. my humans have started to CLEAN, I HATE cleaning, all those smells I really can't stand. Today I am constantly looking for reassurance, but I cannot find any. I have been staring at Mummy,  demanding  that she give me.... A hug, Tinned MEAT and that she stop making things unsettled!
                                                                            Enid xx


  1. We missed you Enid. Worse is yet to come pal. Soon it will be Spring cleaning the season of neglect for us. I go hide away because I don't want the furs on my tail used as a duster. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I've missed you. I hope the cleaning stops long enough for you to get much needed and deserved attention.

  3. Hey Girl, we has missed you terribly! So glad to sees you back! My mum does dat cleanin' thing too but it makes no sense to me cuz it just gets unclean again.
    You needs to put your paw down (preferably a good paw) and demand attention.


  4. very well put, puddles.
    If I may say so!!!
    Enid xx

  5. We totally understand, Enid. Our house is in cleaning mode as well. Lots of paper purging and junk drawer cleaning.
    We are there to help at every turn :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie


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