Friday, 23 May 2014

A Good Old English Garden

Yesterday me and my Hoomans wents to visits a beautiful PAWsomes open garden just as the sun was coming outs!

As we trotted downs the drive to the house there was an overwhelmings smell of flowers and other doggies.  Then SUDDENLYS.......

Guys! Please...not so CLOSE!!! OH...Charlie...HELP!!!
I was SURROUNDEDS by countless black doggies! I really dreads to thinks what my CHARLIE woulds have done if he'd witnessed all these blokes sniffing me!

I was a littles worried at FURst but then came to terms with the doggies and introduced myself.

So we ran...

My Hoomans spent rathers a long time lookings at them plant things...making strange noises and stickin there snouts in da weird is that??

Can you see me in the background?

Through da arch we went...

And into da Vegetables Garden.
 I don'ts really understands why them Hoomans find lookings at green, tasteless, scentless plants interestings buts I like to come alongs with dem anyways (since a Doggies job is to protects their Peoples as best as dey can).

Afters traipsing arounds in the heat it were well times FUR some tea and CAKE.

OMD, OMD! Cherry and cream Victoria Sponge! Excuse me, excuse me, I must have some please!!!

And my wish was answered! Yum-scrum-di-de-um.

A quick drink, then it was times to PLAY!

One of them black doggies had takens a liking to me. So we span arounds the place jumpin and barkin. Here's a littles video.


All the while there was a littles pussy-cat unders the table watchings us play, lookings rather bemused and nervous.

My Hoomans did insists dat there be lots of photos of the flowers, so I'm indulgings them (just this once).


Buts unfortunately, CAKE and play can'ts last FUR evers :( and my Hoomans decideds it were time to heads homewards.

We saw some SHEEP on the way back. I woulds have taken much delights in chasing dem buts Mummy said it wasn't the right time FUR dat.

So back ups the drive we walked...

into the car...

And home.

Until next time my FURiends.
Enid xx


  1. Hi Enid
    Looks like you and your humans had a great time out together and looks like you made some good new doggie friends :) Milo & Jet

  2. Such a purdy place fur havin sum sniffs, flowers an doggies.

  3. What a lovely outing. Walking, friends, cake, what more could a pup ask for (even if not everything had great smells, you can't have everything!)

  4. what a wonderful adventure - our Mom would of loved visiting there too

  5. That was so cool to make friends on your visit. Katy depends on Bailey to screen all potential friends when we do these meet and greets. The flowers were beautiful. So glad your humans shared them with us.

  6. What a fun time you had Enid with the black dogs and walkies and cake and pretty flowers. Nice one. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Oh boy, what a fun time! New furiends to play with, and CAKE!

  8. What a lovely garden. Were there any bunnies in that garden? I love to chase bunnies. Have a terrierific weekend!

    1. Unfortunatelys there were no bunnies : ( I love to chase thems too!
      Enid xx

  9. That was a fangtastic day out....especially the cake. But, don't peeps have STRANGE ideas of what is interesting and what SMELLS nice?

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  10. What a day, what a garden, you knows, some of the flowers are good to munch on, cake to eat doggies to play with, betcha you were one worn out pupper.

    The Mad Scots
    Pees; missed you, glad you back, blogville and Charlie are happy again.

    1. Happy ..... happy you say! Did you see those black dogs? My Enid didn't look as if she was missing me too much there. Crikey ..... if only I was there .... I'd have shown those black dogs a trick or two!!!!

  11. Our mom would have had her snooter buried in the flowers right along with your peeps, Enid! That sponge dessert sure looks yummy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Crikey Enid ..... that was one VERY nice day you had there. I would have liked to be in that beautiful garden with you. I went to a beautiful garden with my Mum and Dad once. There weren't any black dogs at my garden though. What were those big black ugly lookin' things doin' sniffing my beautiful Enid like that??? I'd sure like to give them a biff or two. AND that video ..... OMD what was that joker playing at?????? Trying to be a bit of a show offy, bossy boots if you ask me. I don't blame you for moving away from him .... I bet he smelled bad, too!! Crikey Enid .... you're so beautiful ... your humans shouldn't let you associate with just any old bloke dog like that. What were they thinking???
    That cherry and Queen Victoria sponge sure looked good. I wouldn't have minded sharing that with you and that cat. No wonder he was looking nervous with those big, black, smelly, ugly lookin' blokes around.
    I've asked Mum to copy that last photo of you when you got home and I'm going to sleep with it under my pillow.
    Crikey Enid ..... I MISSED you!!
    Love, ALWAYS .... Charlie!!

  13. Wowsa!!! What a day!!! I'm exhausted just lookin' at all you guys did! Ma puts her snooter in the blooms too...I don't get it..if you can't eat it, what's the point? BOL
    Oh, that doggie sure got fresh with you (or was it YOU to him..hehehe) butts it looks like you had some funs.
    Ruby ♥

  14. Looks like a real pretty garden!

  15. Whut a purdy garden... I likes to sniff da flowers like yer folks do... some of them smells real nice... try it!
    Oh, and that one black doggie sure looks smitten.. does Charlie need to worry? Cuz I's heard, once ya goes black, ya don't goes back.....

  16. A fun day of cake and playing in the garden

  17. Our winner tag came in the mail yesterday, Enid. Thank you so much! We will be blogging about it soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  18. How fun! I'd love to play with the black pups!

    Monty and Harlow


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