Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday Memories

Today I've dug outs, (with my paws) some old photos from arounds a year back which I can'ts believe I didn't blog abouts! I blame my Hoomans FUR nots reminding me.  So, going backs a year...  Me and my Hoomans were exploring the beautifuls locals countryside arounds us when we strayed into a small village and founds an old abandoned grenade factory covered in Graffiti!

 My Hoomans believe it was used to make grenades in the First World War and then again in the Second World War making powdered milk!

It was pwetty eerie I'm tellings you...

There was lots of strange Graffiti, piles of rubble, leaks and cracks in the walls and drops of water coming from the roof that landeds on my nose!
Buts the strangest things of all was....

My NAME on the wall!!!!  I couldn'ts believe it at FURst buts I was verys flattered by it.

And I suppose anything is possibles, on a Monday full of memories.
Enid xx


  1. They knew you'd be coming someday and wanted you to feel welcome!

  2. How cool is that that your name is on the wall, Enid, and so beautiful written too! Does this mean that you're famous?!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Just shows how much you are loved!

    The Mad Scots

  4. That is really cool that your name was on the wall!

  5. Dat are so cool dat your name were there!

  6. From grenades to powdered milk...that is quite a leap. We just love that graffiti art of your name, very urban chic.
    Wally & Sammy

  7. Crikey ..... looks like something a BIG BLACK UGLY LOOKIN' bloke'd do!! AND it looks like the kinda place those 3 blokes'd hang out too. Fair dinkum ..... I'm still not over it, aye? I don't trust 'em!!!! Did you see what Susie and Sidebite said .... that just shows how much you are loved! Loved ..... loved!!!!! By those big black blokes .... crikey ..... I don't like it, Enid!

  8. and your name was written so beautifully!


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