Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thunder On Throw Back Thursday

Today the sky dids cry a lot of tears and a big, angry rumblings sound wents on fur ages and ages - Mummy calls it thunder!

This remindeds me of when I was a pup and I dids cry for hours on end when there was a lots of thunder, do any of you guys gets petrified when the sky does shouts at you?? I gets in such a states!
So anyway, I thoughts it woulds be a nice thing to do to cheer myselfs up by postings some funny and adorable photos and videos of whens I was little!

Here goes......

Me, watchings the telly fur da furst time!

Me after my first walkies in the snow, I hads to have a hot water bottle and blanket afterwards.

I hopes you enjoyed!
Enid xx


  1. You are sooo right! Those happy photos made me feels better too.
    You were very adorables. Did you know that? I loved watching you do the scratchy dance.. It felt good- didn't it?
    Thank you for the smiles!!

    1. As long as it's just SMILES you get, aye, Tweedles?? Thanks so much, Mate, for looking after Enid while I was away. You did a good job and I VERY much appreciated it.

  2. We don't like thunderstorms much here either! What beautiful puppy pictures! Oh, now Mom wants to get a new puppy! There's an ad in the paper for cocker spaniel pups …

  3. OMD , those are some mighty cute pictures! Fortunately none of us at my house mind the thunder at all. Especially not Cinderella -- she's mostly deaf!

  4. We enjoyed very much Enid and those made us smile. We had boom booms this morning but none tonight thank God. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Your Puppy Pix are SOOOOO cute Enid. WE don't think much of this dreary RAINY... an Stormy weather either... butt at LEAST we don't have to SHOVEL it ... YET.

  6. Crikey Enid ...... I love thunder storms. See we make such a good pair, aye?? I can look after you real good during thunderstorms. No need to be frightened any more. What a beautiful puppy you were!! I love the one of you all snuggled up in your crate with your hot water bottle and where you are all curled up with your beautiful long tail covering your perfectly formed schnooter. I do that too. Gotta keep our schnooters warm, aye?? I'm pleased you were studying that television show so intently. Now I know you'll be safe when you go camping. You'll know exactly what to do if a bear approaches, aye?? Don't cry anymore, Enid. I will look after you!!
    Your Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Enid, your one cute pupper......oh how i would love to share that blankie and hot water bottle. Now about that thunder Dome stuffs....yes it scares that snort outta ME also, being a puppy mill live in for nine months....I had to sleep in a cage out in them......Now I just run to Dads lap or snuggle up close to him in bed!

    Da Sus
    Pees; NOTHING bugs Bites!

  8. You were the most adorable pupper, Enid! I hang out in the bathroom when I hear noises that worry me.

    Love ya lots♥

  9. Oh you were soooo cute!

    Monty gets a little nervous when it thunders, but he hangs out under Dad's legs until it is all over.

    Monty and Harlow

  10. Oh them pikchurez r fantabulus! No wunder u iz such a good lookin'woofie now - u wuz a cutie-patootie when u wuz younger.
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

  11. Luckily, all my guys just sleep right through a thunderstorm. You were cuteness overload.


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