Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Christmas Dress Up

Hello my Furiends!

I'm sorry it has beens such a longs time buts, my Hoomans have been doings a lot of that strange thing 'Christmas Shopping'. They tooks me with dem once - an experience I does never wants to re-visit again!  All the peoples and the shops, the loud music and the really clean smelling clothes. Where's all the badger poo and stinky dog toys?! Hoomans are so verys curious!

Anyway Happy Christmas fur Thursday! I can't wait. My Hoomans dids put ups that funny, indoor tree again and decorate it with stuffs.

And.... I thoughts It would be goods to do some Christmas dressings up so, here I come.....................................................

I am dressed ups in my Christmas Winged Angel outfit!!! Like it?

I'm itchings to see whats you doggies have in store fur the Christmas dressings up department and don't forget my annual Dress-Up Dog Contest is comings up in February, the time is close now!!! Do please enters when the time comes and you never coulds be the WINNER!
Buts fur now,
Enid xx


  1. Looking lovely Enid. Happy Christmas to you and your family and we wish you a prosperous and joyous new year. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You are very pretty in your wings. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Oh now that's a nice costume! Something besides Santa Claus, reindeer, and those weird Shelf Elf things. Have a Happy Christmas!

  4. LAWD have MERCY.... ENID you are gonna cause poor CHARLIE to SWOON when he sees you in the Feathers.... the boy will have Apple Plexi fur SURE... WHAT were you thinking, Enid? OH WAIT.... is that your GIFT to Charlie???
    We WISH YOU and your PEEPS a mostest MAGICAL Christmas...

  5. Oh my gosh - you look like one of those super model Victoria Secret models with your wings

  6. You are a beautiful angel. Your Christmas decorations are fantastic!

  7. You look just beautiful with your Christmas angel wings, Enid!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Crikey Enid ...... I'm blown away again by your beauty. You are soooooooo classy. Only you would think to wear ANGEL wings for Christmas. What can I say?? ...... OMD ..... Enid, Enid, Enid!!!! You are so beautiful. I am so lucky, aye?? I sure hope those big black blokes haven't been sniffing around.
    Oh Enid ...... what will I wear to your dress up contest?? I'd almost forgotten about that. I must start thinking, aye?? Crikey it will be exciting. I can't wait to see what you will be wearing this year.
    AND your Christmas tree!!!!!!!!! Truly beautiful ...... just like you Enid. You would look just lovely sitting under it.
    Another picture for my crate ....... Enid with ANGEL wings. Thankyou Enid!! You are MY angel .......

    Love always ..... Charlie.

    1. Awww! Thank you Charlie, you're my Prince!! Don't worry, those black blokes are longs gone and won'ts be comings anywhere near me. I may be beautifuls, buts you're the most heart-stoppingly handsome and dashing Doggie I've evers seen.......
      Yours Always,
      Enid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    2. Crikey Enid ..... your Prince..... Really???????? I don't know what to say.
      I'll ALWAYS love you ...... your Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,, you are looking so beautiful.

  10. You make a pawesome angel, Miss Enid! Merry Christmas!


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