Friday, 13 February 2015

Me and My Charlie: a trip to Paris


OMD! I haves paws and paws to tells you my furiends!
But furstly, I hopes you all gots ya romantic dates thats you were hopings fur and dids somethings special!
Nothings coulds be more romantic and special than whats me and my CHARLIE dids fur Valentines.
Ohhhh!!!!! It was just da best and I wasn't even expectings it. Imagine dat! Charlie didn'ts reveal anythings to me at alls, he just tolds me to meets him ats 10am at the train station.

So I dids and I was just in times (the train was pullings in as I bounded on to da plat from). And sure enough, my handsome Charlie was waitings fur me! Charlie's good mate Zaidie flew in him in his extravagant lear jet over frum Down Under and dropped him offs at da station in London to meets me.
Ohhhh boy, I was so curious and exciteds to see where we were goings and as we hopped on to the train, I heard da loud whistle shouts out and I knew it were goings to be a greats trip!
Well, I sure knew thats when we got there it woulds be wonderfuls, buts it took a very longs time and we went many, many overs. Over fields, over bridges, through tunnels....... a VERY longs tunnel and then, all of a suddens............

It was light and warm, sunny and buzzing! I stared in wonder at the beautifuls city that they call Paris!!!!

When we gots off the platform we forced and shuffled our way through swarms of peoples!
I kept close to Charlie, not wantings to gets lost and he seemed to know exactly where he was goings, beings the adventurous bloke he is.
 Once we were outs in da street the sun was warm and brights and everything was sooo big and looming above our heads. It was so ecxitings I nearly fainteds at the site of all the shops, cafes, resturants, cars, buses......EVERTHING!

Furst, once we'd collected ourselfs and hads a cold drink, we wents to see the sites and haves a grand tour of the city!

 Furst ups was the grands art gallery Le Louvre!

 We trotted arounds, began to perusals the long corridors, lookings ats the paintings, Charlie enjoyed the Da Vinci alots, and I never knew he was so sophisticateds!!! Dids you?!

Then Charlie tooks me to Notre Dame!

 It was so big.......

 Then, last buts nots least...the Eiffel Tower! Me and Charlie raced down the avenue and rolled in the grass. Charlie was verys enthusiastic with his photography and tooks some pawsomes photos.

Afters such exertions we were in much needs of refreshments so off we went just round the corner to the BEST Macaroon shop in Paris.

Landuree Patisserie!!!!

 Oh! It looks so yummy!!!!!!

Once we were inside, the sweet smell of Macaroons filled our nostrils and when we approached the counter there were soooo many Macaroons to choose from and so many bright colours!
We just couldn'ts choose whats to we bought a big selection and had a taste of every singles one!!!

 How good does that look?!!

After thats we wents fur a walk on a beautifuls bridge.......

With lots and lots of padlocks attached to it.

Charlie tolds me that True Lovers lock there love on the bridge so it stays there in the beautifuls city forever. And so he took my paw in his and gave me a padlock with our names written on it! How romantic!!!!! Then WE locked our love on da bridge where it will always be.....

Afters that (just to makes it MORE romantic), Charlie tooks me sailings on the river with a bottle of champagne.
We watched the duckies paddlings on da water and I thoughts abouts jumpings in to swim afters them, buts didn'ts want to ruin my freshly groomed and shampooed fur!!!
I was most glad I didn'ts destroy my chic look because guess what!??

"Crikey Enid! You look so nice in pearls."

In the evenings, my love took us dinning outs in the most swankiest restaurant!!! I felts soooo pampered and eyed the menu MOST closely fur da BEST meal.

After much ummings and arrrings abouts what we wanted to eats, I chose Confit de Canard a deliciously moist duck drum stick, crispy potatoes and a scrumptious gravy!!!!
Charlie (very tastefully) chose Hachis Parmentier, a layer of golden mashed potato and a layer of juicy beef and a sauce to go with!!!! Fur Dessert we both had creamy Profiteroles with chocolate classy!
It was SUCH an enjoyables evenings and as the sun was settings we sat in awe of da beautifuls moon lit city and kissed under the Parisian stars..........
I LOVE you Charlie!

Then, afters such a romantic dinner it was off to Murphy & Stanleys fur the Heart 2 Heart Dance where we pranced and span the night away........

Enid xx


  1. Oh wow Enid, you went on the Euro Star, woohoo!!!
    From St Pancras where they do the bestest Puppicinos evers!!!
    And Paris, I never news that Charlie could be soooo romantic!!!
    How pawtastic
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Just spectacular Enid and what a place to visit. So romantic we are spooning over here. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OMD, what a grreat date! Charlie sure hit that one out of the park.

  4. OMD Enid Crikey that Charlie is a Ro MAN tic fur sure.... he even did the LOCK on the Bridge thingy with you... WOW girrrrrl.

  5. That lock bridge is pawsome. Never heard of it before -- that was so pawsome you two went there.

  6. Dat Charlie are one romantical dude.

  7. Crikey Enid ......... did you not even suspect a little bit?? What a wonderful time we had, aye?? Wasn't it nice of Zaidie to come and get me in his jet and didn't he look handsome in pilot outfit?? Thanks so much for coming with me Enid.. Paris is so beautiful isn't it?? I can't believe they allowed us in the Louvre and we got to see the Mona Lisa. Everyone says she's beautiful but you're much more beautiful Enid. AND we left our lock there for EVERYONE to see. Paris will ALWAYS be our city, aye?? Thankyou so much Enid. What a time we had!!!!!!!!
    Happy Valentines day my beautiful girl!!!!!!
    Always your Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. It were da best time of my life!!!!!! Paris will always be in our hearts and our hearts will always be in Paris! Happy Valentines're the most wonderful-est, handsome bloke EVER!
      I LOVE you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!
      Enid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    2. CRIKEY Enid ... It was the best day of my life too. It is the most beautiful city in the world and now it's our city. How good is that? I'm not so wonderful, Enid, but I'll always be true to you and I'll always love you. Thankyou for being you and for loving me! I'm the luckiest bloke in the whole world.
      Your Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Your Charlie is the most romantic pup ever, Enid! Happy Valentine's Day ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. For some reason we can't see the pictures, but it sounds like a wonderful day!

    Monty and Harlow

    1. Sorry, It was a little shoulds be ables to see the pictures now.
      Enid xx

  10. Better not show this post to the wife, or she will expect a trip to Paris next Valentine's Day :)


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