Friday, 17 July 2015

The French Holiday Part 1

Hello! I'm back.
Today I haves a very excitings post fur you - my French Holiday!!!
It was such fun and the sun was shinings almost every day! It was also a wonderfuls (but scary) new experience fur me and Bunnie because we hads never been abroad until this point! We gots back last Tuesday morning at 3 o'clock - Me and Bunnie were SO tired and haves been sleeping a lot! Its been a long trip.
So here we go...........

We set off on Monday evening 6th July in our Hoomans big van with lots and lots of bags, bikes and bedding in the backs! Then we drove fur a long, longs time until we gots to a big car park near the channel tunnel crossing on the cost. We slept in the big van that night and woke ats the crack of dawn (a bits early fur me; I needs my beauty sleeps) and gots on to the massive train that took us to France!!

We gots off the train in Calais, France, then drove fur a little while until we gots to a lovely service station where we stopped fur walkies and breakfast!

It was very pretty and wild!

Me and Bunnie ran around and tooks in all da new smells......the smell of France!

Then it was back in da van and onwards.....

We drove many, many overs; past fields, towns, farms and ruins. It all starteds out good (except my Hoomans were very tired havings slept terribly the night befores), then as the day went on, it gradually gots hotter and hotter until the heat made me and Bunnie pant fur our lives and our Hoomans were drippings with swet. It was rather hellish fur a while, buts slowly, it cooled down towards the evening and we arrived at the holiday house (afters an exhausting search down country lanes) more or less in tact! You cans imagine we slept well!

The next morning we gots up late and lounged arounds fur a while, then me and Bunnie explored the house and gardens!
Pretty, isn't it?!

There were four bedrooms, a big kitchen, lovely gardens and a swimming pool!

Now, Bunnie wasn't too sure abouts the swimming pool (havings never ecountered one before) and I tolds her that it was very scary, since I DON'T like waters buts you'll see how we both conquered our fears later!

Later on in the day we wents to a huge supermarche (as they calls them in France) and boughts lots of bread and cheese and fruits.....YUM! In the evening our Hoomans gots their culinary act togethers and cooked Ratatouille around the outdoor fire in the garden - we didn'ts gets any though! :(

The next day my Hoomans sunned themselves by the pool in the morning and splashed around while me and Bunnie did checks around the place. Everything was goings really well when suddenly - me and Bunnie were scouped up and........

We were in the cool pool with our Hoomans! It was scary alright! Bunnie was tremblings and crawling up as far away from da water as possible. It was nice to cool off though.

In the evening we all trotted off to the nearest town, Brantome to look around!

It was BEAUTIFUL.......

We went down this alleyway filled with cafes and shops.....

Look at all that FOOD!

 We bought some ice cream!!!

That looks GOOD!
And our wishes were made true - we gots to finish them off!

What a treat! We both couldn't believe it!!!

We found a kitty outside a dress shop just chilling outs in the shade....

We saw a lovely exhibition.....

We explored the caves.....

Me and Bunnie peered overs the edge of da bridge to smell the odours of food comings across from the restuarant.....

That smells heavenly!
Then we wents home fur dinner and bed.

Nighty night.

Hope you enjoyed this.......our French Holiday will be continued soon!
Enid & Bunnie


  1. Wow what a wonderful trip.
    stella rose

  2. Wow,,,, your vacation was super doooper!

  3. What a fun, fun, fun vacation and so beautiful! We can't wait to hear more!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Crikey Enid ..... what an adventure!! I can't wait to hear more. You holiday house looked beautiful and France ...... how beautiful are those little villages and the countryside. OMD ...... you are so lucky to be able to go there. It was a very long trip for you but it was worth it, aye?? You must have been so tired for the first few days. Oh ...... and you got icecream .... how good was that?? I bet those french people make the best icecream. Crikey ....... I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip but I'm so glad your home.
    Your Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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