Friday, 15 March 2013

Gone with the Wind

These last few days I have been "Gone with the Wind"! It has beens so windy I have found myself rather on edge, worried that something might blow away unexcpectedlys.  I have been playing with the wind.I nearly got blown away the other day, since we live up on a   hill,I do like it but get a little agitated.There is something inside me which is crying out to bark at the big wind blowing in my face, an urge to fight the bellowing thing that it is! Of course I don't, My humans would nots understand.

Run, run, run!!!


As fast as I can!

                                                         I  like to jump around with my favourite

I love having my picture taken, I will jump right up at the Camera just to make sure it knows I'm there!

                                                                             Enid x


  1. Yea Enid, run pal run. We go a little mad when it is windy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Run run as fast as you can have the wind catch you if it can.

  3. Hi Enid, My mum says when I go mad running round and round the garden that I have the wind in my knickers:)

    You are a very pretty girl. Love Polly

  4. Heeey Heee, you dogs sound like you enjoy this CRAZY weather, too! Maybe we should start a wind loving club!!!
    Enid x

    P.S Sorry about the black font on this page (if you can see it)I'm not very good with computer stuff! see ya.

  5. The boys love when the wind rumples their butt furs something fierce. It makes them go a little wild too!



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