Monday, 4 March 2013

Goodbye Black Cat

Today I must give you some rather odd but good news. We are re-homing the CAT!!!
Since we are moving (I don't really know what that means) anyway, my humans thought it would be less stressful with only one animal, ME.
Now, even though I have said many things about that CAT which were not completely friendly I really do wish him a good time at his new home!
Meanwhile I have been sorely neglected while my humans go house-hunting, they have been saying I am getting FAT, well, I say poo-to-them, I am lovely as I am, though I would be a little more lovely if they fed me things like MEAT, bread and butter, rice pudding, apples and cheese..... I could list SOOOO many things I'd rather eat than horrid kibble.

I would like you to say a nice farewell to that CAT, or should I call him Enzo? I don't know. Does it matter?
                                                                 Goodbye black Cat

I expect he will love his new home, and I'll have my humans  all to myself!

                                                                     Enid xx


  1. Good luck finding a new home for Enzo and good luck house hunting. Have a marvelous Monday. PS we don't think you are fat.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Best wishes Cat. Happy to know you are going to a good home. And really I know Enid will miss you.

  3. Hope Enzo is happy in his new home and you don't miss him too much. Your humans will need extra looving from you, as they will be sad for a while.

  4. I will miss having someone to bark at and tees!
    Enid xx


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