Friday, 18 May 2012

The Forbidden Field

Today I took myself on a little jaunt. That is what I call it, but my people take a less clement view on what they term "running away". You see there is a field, a very beautiful field, which is out of bounds. It belongs to some silly folk who think it is Richmond Park and that no dog that is not on a leash and has its humans frantically scanning for any you-know-whats is allowed in.
The annoying thing is that 'That Cat' wanders in and out freely! Now that is a breach on Doggy Rights, in my opinion- giving cats the upper hand.

     You see 'That Cat' is going into the field and I am not allowed!


  1. Three really is no figuring for the human mind who decides where we can and can't go. I mean, like I have this lake I like to go to and they have the gaul to have a "Do Dogs On Beach Sign"
    Seriously. Don't humans know that grass and water were made especially for us four legged critters.
    Nice to meet you

  2. I has to say da sayme Enid, yoo has a veri sweet facey! eetz troo, love n likkers, posie-dorg xox

  3. Thank you Posie!!!
    Enid x


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