Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello! My Name Is Enid

I am an adorable lurcher who lives in the beautiful meadows of Somerdorshire. I love food, especially mummy's cooking, which I find far superior to any other cooks.
I was born in October on a cold autumn day. I had seven siblings, three of which I am still in contact with.
This is a short history of me in photos.
I was only four weeks old when I met my future people. Here I am with my brother.

I had grown a bit by the time I went to live with my people aged eight weeks. It was very bewildering to suddenly find myself in a big house, so I went into the sitting-room and relieved myself. I do not like to dwell on these humiliating moments of life, so I shall move on to the other issue, namely: 'That Cat'. When I first arrived he was at least twice my size and was very mean to me. He scratched me several times and would never let me make friends. But now I feel much better, considering the fact that he can walk under me without even brushing my tummy.

I am now a year and a half old and am deemed old enough by mama wolf (as my mother is known) to have an online diary.
So, I hope all you people will read it out-loud to your canine companions.
Until next time, don't forget to give your dogs lots of love.
Enid x


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