Thursday, 31 May 2012

If you had to choose!

When I presented Poo (a TOY) to you, which I am certain you all remember, I forgot to show you a older TOY of mine!
I present to you, Wolfy!!!
 As you can see, He has NO eyes and NO nose! All because of my kind treatment...
             Here I am playing  TUG of WAR with him and my little sister...

Here is my BUDDY, Mr. Kong-Air Dog...
                       I love all my TOY'S, but which one do I like the best?
                                                             Maybe you could help me choose?
                                                              If you had to choose one (Oh it's almost unbearable)
                                                             But if you did, say you were traveling to Africa and you had to choose one, to take with you.     What would it be?


  1. We Dogs have such a love for TOYS!
    Enid x

  2. Oh Enid , you look like you are having fun and love Wolfy!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. If it were me I would like Wolfy best. But any toy is great.

  4. Got to be woolfy. I don't know if I'd take Mr Teddy or Tigger. Maybe Tigger is a little big! Deccy x

  5. It would have to be Wolfy! He's your oldest buddy!

  6. Enid yoo iz hilariooos n Meester Wolffyy looks well-lovid heeheehee! Yoo wood has to tayke himm no?! love n likkers, pdorg xox

  7. Hi Enid, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I think you should take Wolfy with you bcuz he could use some one on one time with you. I'm sure that would make him extra happy!

    Hope you're having a great Friday!

    Lily Belle

  8. I will choose Wolfy. It was a tough choice though.


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