Friday, 6 July 2012

The Morning Mail

This Morning the Post- man came to deliver our mail, I thought I should make sure  everything was OK, I like to check things out,  before MUM gets there!
I call it "all clear" a little sniff, you know, we don't want any strange Mail coming in.
 Here is a funny photo (well I don't think it's funny) but my Humans do!!! Why could this be?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Evil Eyes

Today it rains and rains!  And this is what my humans call a TREAT!
In case you are wondering what it is (Don't worry it's not SICK) It's Tea with a berry biscuit in it.  But of course it was not to my liking, "I have taste Mummy, you know" She was not very pleased with me...
                                                                     So I sleep....
                                                     The CAT sleeps and gives me the Evil Eye.
                                                    he looks at me with his green glowing eyes, not the friendly glow of
                       respect I think I deserve, but the most Evil thing you could ever imagine.