Thursday, 12 September 2013

To the Tower

Today I did goes on a pawtacular  Walkies to......

 The beautiful Tower seemed so bigs, and I so small as we trotted alongs the path into the woods.

 There were so manys overwhelming smells of wood and dirts in the forest, I was fighting a very strong impulse to runs through the trees in pursuits of them all.
 Padding downs the woodland path I was lookings for a suitable spot to drop a message (a pee)
for another doggy to pick up and replys to!

My Humans were beings really anoying tryings to makes me sit for a picture but I had much more importants things to be gettings on with.  Like runnings ahead of them to checks if the road was clears, and sniffing out anys BADGER poo to rolls in for my fragrance so I will smell nice!
We did pass a bigs wet puddle which I dids dodge as soon as I saw it! As you all may knows I did not haves a very good first times experience with waters.
 Then we tooks a short cut backs to the Tower down a little sunnys lane with lots of flowers in the hedge row.

               In this photo I is watchings the sky with the funnys little bird things flying by!
               If only I could jumps into the air and join them......

Aparentlys  the project to build King Alfred's Tower was conceiveds in 1762 by the banker Henry Hoare. The tower was also intendeds to commemorate the ends of the seven years of War against France and accession of King George III.  Whats a marvel!
 I hope you is all wells and enjoyings the last days of Summer. I am still catchings up with you alls and pawings away at my Humans to tap my bloggy out on the computer mores often.
Until next time my furiends.

                                                                             Enid x

P.S.  How do you likes the new Bloggy design?