Sunday, 28 February 2016


Hello all of Blogville!

Today, as I'm sures you are all aware, is the big show day when all the talenteds dressing up doggies shine like stars and get to show of their wonderful skills when it comes to sporting silks, ribbons, bow ties and hats, in my Dress-Up Dog Contest 2016

Me and Bunnie are soooo exciteds to see what everyone has dressed up as, so we thoughts we'd have a little dress up too!!!

 Here I am in my cream ruffled dress, fur and pink ribbon fur da occasion!

 Bunnie was so exciteds to dress up and be a parts of it, so here she is in a floral shawl, pink ribbon and hat!

Before we sits backs to marvel at the pawsomes fancy dress entries, me and baby Bunnie would like to makes a special thanks to CHARLIE, SARGE , EASY RIDER and SOOOO many other pups who haves helped to gets my Dress-Up Dog Contest up and runnings - I couldn'ts have done it without you!

So, Lets get started!

Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats (makings sure you have some popcorn and necessary goodies) we present to you.......THE GRAND FINALE of my DRESS-UP DOG CONTEST 2016!!!!!

Lad & Holly

Easy Rider
Hailey & Zaphod



Whats absolutely magnificent photos!!! Well done deserve a BIG rounds of applause! Every single picture had somethings so special and pawsomes abouts it, we just can'ts choose who shoulds be da lets have a VOTE! Select a doggie who you think shoulds go home with da prize on the voting poll  at the top of this post and you nevers know, someone could vote fur you and you coulds be the WINNER! Thanks you so much fur pawticipatings in our 3nd Annual Dress-Up Dog Contest 2016 - you were all stunning!
Enid & Bunnie xx

The VOTE closings date and time is on 7th March 12 o'clock (mid-day).
Please lets me know if the VOTINGS poll at the tops of dis page is working (if not then just vote fur a doggie in your comment). We'll see ya next time!

Enid & Bunnie xx

Friday, 26 February 2016


Hello all you pawsomes pups.

Guess what?! It's the deadline fur my 3rd Annual Dress-Up Dog Contest 2016!

Thats right. Today is your last chance to enter and join in with da fun by sendings me a photo of you in whatever magnificant fancy dress costume you choose, with a link to your blog attached so I can show off your wonderful pawmanships when it comes to writings abouts your fabulous lives!

You can send me your photo HERE.

You can dress up as anything you likes and by the way, CATS ARE VERY WELCOME TO JOIN also!  You probably know I'm nots a big fan of dem felines, buts when it comes to dressing up, I think they're most talented and skillful!

So don'ts furget to email me your photo before 28th of February, when I'll be putings them all up on my blog fur you to admire...

I can'ts wait to see everyone's masterful dressing up pics!

Enid xx

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sepia Saturday Scroungers

This Saturday we're all having a good, shameless scrounge fur a slice of warm, buttery toast...

Please give us some!

We hope all you doggies are havings a pawsomes Sepia Saturday and makings a nuisance of yourselves, scrounging fur goodies!

Enid & Bunnie (and the little black cat)

Don't furgets to enter my 3rd Annual Dress-Up Dog Contest 2016 and join in with da fun by sendings me your dress up photo HERE. I can'ts wait to see all ya wonderful outfits!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016