Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sitting on Eggs Sepia Saturday

We're waitings fur da Easter eggs to hatch!
Happy Sepia Saturday.

Enid & Bunnie

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Windy Walkies!

Today me and Bunnie set off on a super windy walkies!

The sun was shining bright and the wind did carry so many NEW, different smells along with it!

Yeah....the world is soooo overwhelming and huge today!
I love the wind, buts Bunnie dids find it a bit much and had to be carried since she is SO small. I was thinking she mights gets blown away (literallys).

 After a while Bunnie was itchings to be puts down so our Hoomans watched her as she ran as FAST as she coulds to catch ups with me! I was miles ahead doings da recky, clearings the path from danger so Bunnie gots those muscles doings hard work as she bounced towards me.

Wait for me are sooooo fast! I'm going to be dat fast one day!

She caught ups with me......eventuallys!

Enid is teaching me how to be a cool, smell detecting doggie!
We dids some sniffings........Bunnie must learn all abouts smells.

Some running.........

Bunnie: This is such hard work! 

hill climbing.......

Then homewards.......

Then to bed.

Enid & Bunnie