Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Resting Up

I am restings up for the bigs move (tomorrow) I don't know whats will happen and I'm not sure wheres we are going but I'm very sures that my Humans will see me rights and look after me!

I hopes I can blog very soons, even though everythings may be slightly 'bonkers' for a whiles in 'our' house! I will trys to pull my Humans towards the keyboard and drop by in bloggy land (hopefullys very soon)
I will be sures to gives you a detailed chapter on the movings episode very soon!

See you next time.
Enid xx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Under the Blossom Tree

Hello again! It is three days until we moves house, so as you can imagines it is most messy and distressing  for me every day. Sometimes it gets so unpleasant for a Doggy to bares I simplys have to escape to 'my' lovelys, sunny garden of paradise! But soon I will be enjoyings my new garden at the new house. For now though, I will be taking in the divine spring air and saying my last words of goodbyes to this doggy heaven. 
Under the blossom tree I likes to lie for shades after my long sun-bathing event.
But then I must go back into the suns (I don't wants to loose my tan!) At this time of year everythings is blossoming, the trees, the flowers, evens I am blossoming in this sun! 
Sometimes I ask myselfs, why does summer not last forever? Why do the seasons change all the time? If I was nature I woulds makes that big ball of yellow in the sky stays up forever!!!
I hope all you Dogs has been indulging yourself in this sun and are nots having to put up with the strange things our Humans does gets up to! See you next time.

  Enid x