Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Announcing The Dress-Up Dog Contest 2015!

Hey Pups!

I hopes you're well and ready, armed with ya lace, silks and buttons, because  it is with greats excitement (and I mean GREAT, I'm literally shakings with anticipation), that I announce...............


As you doggies know, my Hoomans love to dress me ups in all sorts of bazar an wonderfuls costumes so, I thoughts it woulds be simply pawsomes if we celebrated dressing up again, like last year with a thrillings contest fur all you pals who likes to dress up.
2014 was such a triumph!!!

You all looked so chic and stylish.

The contest is opens frum now until the 28th February so you haves lots of time to gets yourself lookings classy and beautiful! I hopes ya all join in with the funs and enter the contest HERE to email me your photo. Please make sure your photos have been sents to me by the 27th February and then I'll be dispalying them alls on my blog and we'll haves a vote on who we thinks is the WINNER!

I dids get my Hoomans to take a photo of me dressed up as an example.

You can dress up as anything you likes and look the most ridiculous or the most beautifuls of them all! And you never coulds be the WINNER!!! The prize for the champion will be a golden collar tag  with 'WINNER' engraved on it and organic Lily's Kitchen TREATS! I sure wouldn'ts mind winning fur some yummy delicacies.
Oh and I almost furgots (excitings news), me and my darling beau, Charlie are headings off fur a romantic dance at Murphy and Stanley's  Heart 2 Heart Dance event on Valentines Day! So I'll be seeings ya all there fur a pawsome pawty.

My Charlie dids such a romantic post askings me to come to the dance with him, it was soooo ROMANTIC I was a-faintings at the keyboard, readings his poetic words! I just adore you Charlie, you're the best bloke any gal coulds have.
I love you......

I can'ts wait to hear abouts all ya dates on Valentines Day and see you dressed ups!
Until next time.
Enid xx