Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Anouncing Dress-up Dog Contest

Hello Furiends!
Sorry I has been neglectings you all, not blogging that regularlys but I hasn't been ables to grabs my humans attention since they've been rathers aloof since Christmas and the New Year!
Did you all haves a goods Christmas? Everything was heavenlys for me because I got lots of TREATS and tit-bits at Christmas lunch! 
 You may alls know that my Humans LOVE to dress me ups and puts me in all sorts of uncomfortables gear (I don't minds that much though) so I've decides to open a Dress-Up Dog Contest for all the dogs who like dressing-up! It wills be open to everyones from now (11th February) to the 28th of February so if you wish to join in please click HERE and email me your photo! You can dress-ups as anythings you like and look the most ridiculous or the most beautifuls of them all!
On the day after the closing date I wills be showing all the photos that have been sent to me by my Furiends and wills announce the WINNER!
                    Here is my Dress-Up Dog photo I hads my Humans takes for an example.
                                 The PRIZE wills be a collar tag with WINNER engraveds on it!
                                                          Anymore questions? Just ask.
                                                                          Enid xx