Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birthdays and Dressing Up

Just a quicks blog today since its my Mummy's Birthday todays!
You know what that means. Some of my favourite things happen on these "Special Days" as I calls them. Cake, Presents and, of course, a ribbon on my neck tied in a lovely bow!
But a few days agos something happened which my Humans thought worth a blog (and showing in public to all you Doggies)

 An Angel!!! They made an Angel out of me. I was rather puts out by this for I thought I was an angel all readys (without the wings!).

They made me sit for a TREAT for ages until they gots the right photo.
I don't needs silly wings for I believe I already haves them (only Humans can't see them) doggies can I'm sure! Can't you? We all have them. Maybes I am going off on one of my crazy fairy tails\tales but I have my funny days when  every things is possibles!

Here is the WONDERFUL cake the Humans made for Mummys Birthday! Its Violet cake!
I was blowns away for the at least a-thousandth time. Please everybodys, give my Mum a Happy Birthday Howl!   
Until next time. 

 Enid x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chicken Pickens

I am sorry for nots doing regulars posts on here but since my Humans are moving house soons everything has beens topsy-turvy!
There are boxes everywheres, stacked up disrupting my area. It is most worryings.

They make me feels ever so giddy.  But there was something to lightens up my day full of boxes and gettings rid of clutter. Chicken Pickins!!! You mights ask what this is (Humans) but I'm sures all the doggies knows what this is. Picking the chicken. That's what. it makes my heart leap every time Mummy gets the left overs of chicken out from Sunday lunch!

Oh YES!!!

I am Soooo special. Chicken for me and only me.

Yum, yum, yum! crunch, crunch.

 I will licks my lips. Oh heavenly!

Ummm. More, please?

Oh, my Humans make such delicious food I just can't keep my nose away from it!
Well, I will be expecting more for dinner, Mummy. So I do hopes you save some for a little dog.
I am very pleased to tells you that my RINGWORM is gettings much better these last fews days, so I can start going for more Doggy play-dates soon!
Enid x

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Memories

Look at this piece of wonderfuls ART Mummy mades on Easter Sunday!
I was completelys blown away by it, and was verys lucky to get a little bite.
I stills have RING WORM, but forgot about it for a little whiles yesterday, with all the CHOCOLATE 
and CAKE. My Humans also wents to take me to sees our new home, where we will be movings soon!
I was verys worried but soon calmed downs. And started walkings around making sure everything was in order. I now must make it clear that it is "MY" home and no one else's. I have owned it to myself markings my scent everys where.  Just to be sure!

I hopes you all had a lovely Easter Sunday (with lots of Yum-yums) And wills  howl to the moon for mores Sunny weather! 
Enid x