Monday, 24 November 2014

Mummy's Monday trip to Paris

Today Mummy gots back from her weekend trip to PARIS! My CHARLIE was just talkings abouts me and him goings to Paris and then my Mummy wents! How strange is dat?! Anyway, she broughts back some just PAWSOME and beautiful things from Paris and I couldn'ts resist sharing them with you.

Here are somes beautiful notebooks and cards from da Picasso Museum! Buts the most excitings thing of all was these.................

MACAROONS!!!!!!!!! From a lovely Parisian Macaroon shop, Ladurée.

Just looks at them beautifuls, bright colours...

So you can imagine how surprised and delighteds I was when my Hoomans gave me one!

I wish all you doggies coulds have tried a taste beacause it was unlike any other sweety I've evers tasted before and in my life I've hads rather a vast culinary experience of the food world. It was sweet and almondy buts creamy, soft and crunchy all at the same time! It was scrumptious.

 I hopes you enjoyed this post.
See ya next time!
Enid xx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sneaky and cheeky

I'm beings rathers sneaky and cheeky today....... my mummy doesn't lets me go ups on her deliciously soft and plump bed because I'm usually a bit smelly I mean hairy and malting, (oops, shouldn'ts have said that, I mights put my  Charlie off) anyway, today I felt likes a cheeky pup, so I decided to brave the swift trot to mummy's bedroom where her divine bed awaiteds me!

I kepts on my guard mind! ears pricked, eyes wide.....though sometimes I woulds find myself dozing offs into a soft snooze. I was discovered of course.
Oh well, hope fur better lucks next time!
Enid xx