Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Cake Envy

Hello Everyone!

Me and Bunnie hopes you hads a pawsomes Easter Sunday, filled with lots of fun and more importantly....CAKE!

Our Hoomans baked da most incredibles smelling creation ever of chocolate heaven. It's delicious odours tormenteds our nostrils and made our mouths water as we sat on our bed watchings dem devour it - we were so envious, because we didn'ts get much at all...Huff puff! Life is hard fur a doggy, aye?

It was a vegan BANANA CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE! How scrumptious.

Please gives us some!

Well, never mind...were you pups more successful than us withs ya scrounging this Easter?

See you soon,

Enid & Bunnie

Monday, 7 March 2016


Hello Pups!

Today, it gives me gureats pleasure to be announcings the WINNER of our wonderful Dress-Up Dog Contest 2016!!! All the entries haves been absolutely incredibles and soooo full of character and swags!
Buts today is also a very sad day because only ONE doggie will go home with da prize. I wish ALL of you coulds win, buts don'ts worry because you have another chance next year!
So outsides quickly to do a pee, grab a treat, bone or food of some description and find yourself a seat and sit tight as I reveal all!

THE WINNER OF MY 3rd ANNUAL DRESS-UP DOG CONTEST 2016 IS..................................

Congratulations MITCH! WELL DONE!

Thanks you so much fur enterings this contest. Your photo was just splendid and pawhaps you should do the fighter-pilot-look more often since you looks so very galant and strikings in dat cap and scarf!!

And thank you to all you other doggies who entered, your outfits were JUST as wonderful. Which brings me on to announcings the 2nd....3rd and 4th places in the competition!
Here goes........

In 2nd place CHARLIE

In 3rd place MAYBELENE

In 4th place neck and neck ARTY & MOLLY


It is now time fur me to gives out da prize to our winner MITCH!
Please click HERE Mitch to email me your details so I can sends you your prize in da post (a gold collar tag with 'WINNER' engraved on it). I hopes you enjoy it. I remeber the year befores last you and your sister Molly won buts I coulds only send you one collar tag - now you'll have one each!
You certainly deserve it!!!
Once again thank you so much my furiends for pawticipatings in my contest....I can't wait fur next year!

Enid xx