Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Spring Fling Fantasy Date

Today I'm PAWticipatings in MADI'S Spring Fling event, where we all tell abouts our FURst date, or in my case, a fantasy date. Before we begins I must make a confession to all you dating, here goes...........
I'VE NEVERS BEEN ON A DATE! There! Pooof, I said it! It just didn't seems appropriate to goes on a date, since my darling CHARLIE lives all the way down unders in Australia, and I couldn'ts verys well date someone else, coulds I? That woulds break his heart. I do adore I've decideds to do a fantasy date with him, since he lives soooo far aways and there is a verys slim chance of havings a real date with him evers.

So, it all begins with (of course) a click. I was checkings my comments one day, and suddenlys, I read one posteds by a verys handsome lookings doggie, who appeared to be blowns away by my beauty!
I kept droppings by his blog and posting comments and graduallys, rathers rapidly actually
he asked if I woulds be his girlFURiend! Of course I saids YES. Then, on the first day of SPRING, the day when we fling off all our heavys Winter burdens, he asked me out fur a DATE!

The date begins with a goods old run on the beach by Charlie's house. We splash, chase each others, evens make hearts in the sand!

Then off to the Cafe` furs a well deserveds lunch (a Hooman lunch) nots horrible, dry dog biscuits.

At the Cafe` I eats Chicken Livers with Pomegranate sauce, Charlie eats roast pheasant with gravy, NO green foods fur us right, Charlie?
We talk and eats, Charlie lavishes me with compliments and I say I'm verys flattereds.
Then, afters the meal at The Salty Dog Cafe` we pitta-patta downs the road and into a beautifuls meadow, fulls of flowers. We sits there, and watch the sunset.
It is there, that we haves our FURst kiss....

I hopes you likes my idea of a PAWfect date.
Sendings much love to my Darling boyFURiend, CHARLIE downunder in Australia.
Enid xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Funny Dog Wordless Wednesday

Today I would likes to introduce you all to a verys talented doggie. She is known as Ginger The Golden Retriever. She is also widely known on YouTube so please visit her channel HERE afters readings this post!

Me thinks it's PURE genius! Happy Wordless Wednesday to all, and enjoys the rest of your week!
Enid xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Red Black and White Sunday

Many thanks to NOLA  and  SUGAR for hostings the Black and White Sunday event!
Enid xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Licking Sepia Saturday

Its Licking Sepia Saturday!
Visit Ruckus The Eskie's blog to find outs more abouts his Sepia Saturday Blog Hop.

Monday, 10 March 2014

The WINNER is...

Hey there Everyone!
Today I'm goings to be announcings the WINNER of my annual Dress-Up Dog Contest! And yes I have decideds to makes it an annual occasion, so each year we wills all be dressing up! But today is also a bits of a sad day, since there must only be one WINNER and that is the hard thing, because if I coulds I would give ALL of you prizes buts I can't...So anyway, lets get on with this! So doggies, run outsides quickly to do a pee, grab a treat, bone or food of some description, then find yourself a seat and sit tight! I present to you doggies...The WINNER of the annual Dress-Up Dog Contest!!!...........

 Thanks you verys much Mitch and Molly furs entering! Your photos are splendids!
 Please clicks HERE to email me your Address, postcode etc so thats I can send you the PRIZE!

And thanks you so much, all you other doggies furs your time and effort you've put into these photos (I think every singles one of the photos had something specials abouts it).

Well I'm here I woulds also likes to introduce you all to a verys special doggie I met a short while ago in Blogville...

This is Charlie, my beloved boyfuriend!

He even drew me a HEART! He is so verys lovely and rathers new to BlogLand with verys little followers so please give it a click and visit his pawsomes blog HERE
Well, I guess its till next time my furiends!
Enid xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Black and White Sunbeams

                                          Enid xx 

P.S For all of you who don'ts know abouts my Dress-Up Dog Contest please clicks HERE to checks out the pawsomes entries I've had!