Friday, 23 May 2014

A Good Old English Garden

Yesterday me and my Hoomans wents to visits a beautiful PAWsomes open garden just as the sun was coming outs!

As we trotted downs the drive to the house there was an overwhelmings smell of flowers and other doggies.  Then SUDDENLYS.......

Guys! Please...not so CLOSE!!! OH...Charlie...HELP!!!
I was SURROUNDEDS by countless black doggies! I really dreads to thinks what my CHARLIE woulds have done if he'd witnessed all these blokes sniffing me!

I was a littles worried at FURst but then came to terms with the doggies and introduced myself.

So we ran...

My Hoomans spent rathers a long time lookings at them plant things...making strange noises and stickin there snouts in da weird is that??

Can you see me in the background?

Through da arch we went...

And into da Vegetables Garden.
 I don'ts really understands why them Hoomans find lookings at green, tasteless, scentless plants interestings buts I like to come alongs with dem anyways (since a Doggies job is to protects their Peoples as best as dey can).

Afters traipsing arounds in the heat it were well times FUR some tea and CAKE.

OMD, OMD! Cherry and cream Victoria Sponge! Excuse me, excuse me, I must have some please!!!

And my wish was answered! Yum-scrum-di-de-um.

A quick drink, then it was times to PLAY!

One of them black doggies had takens a liking to me. So we span arounds the place jumpin and barkin. Here's a littles video.

All the while there was a littles pussy-cat unders the table watchings us play, lookings rather bemused and nervous.

My Hoomans did insists dat there be lots of photos of the flowers, so I'm indulgings them (just this once).


Buts unfortunately, CAKE and play can'ts last FUR evers :( and my Hoomans decideds it were time to heads homewards.

We saw some SHEEP on the way back. I woulds have taken much delights in chasing dem buts Mummy said it wasn't the right time FUR dat.

So back ups the drive we walked...

into the car...

And home.

Until next time my FURiends.
Enid xx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

LONG Time No See


I can't tells you how sorrys and grieved I am to haves neglected you so! Many of my FURiends (and my beloved CHARLIE) haves tried to get hold of me and I wasn't there FUR them!! How bads is dat?? I blame it completelys on my Hoomans, because the truth is when it comes to helpings me with my blog they are verys slack! Everydoggy got a bits worried about me and wondered whats had happened, well I'm doing fine so don't fret. I don'ts know where to much has happened since I last dropped by...

Mitch & Molly's  prize tag FUR my Dress-Up Dog Contest was sent off a few weeks ago (I'm sorrys thats it has taken sooo longs to get to you Mitch and Molly) I hope you like it.

Two weeks ago my Hoomans went to stays with some friends and took me with them! I hads a greats time withs the other doggies there and went sniffing arounds their lovelys big puddle (lake). I also saw my ex-boyFURiend, Murphy (don'ts worry CHARLIE there is nothing going on between us anymore). Besides he was a little short and nots at all handsome like my beloved...

Buts most of all I've missed you blogging doggies, and I looks forward to catchings up on all your activities!!

Untill next time
Enid xx