Monday, 15 June 2015

Marveling on Monday (I'm a model dog)

Today me and my Hoomans is marveling at my modeling skills!

Don't I looks comfortable on dat grand, soft bed?!

There I am again, lookings regal!

I has been modeling fur a wonderful hand-forged iron bed company called Nights In Iron fur da past few months and I rather like posing fur da camera! Please visit the website and check outs the great beds.

Until next time.
Enid xx

Friday, 12 June 2015

Shower Horror

My dear Furiends

I am sures you has been through many vexing and frightening experiences, buts I know thats you all will agree thats one of the most vexing things of all is TO LOOSE ONES SMELL!!!!
How embarrassing is dat?! Ones smell is ones identity and clothing! Hoomans seem to think its normal to strip a doggie of its smell! I've tried to explain dis to my sis, Bunnie, buts she just can'ts get her little pooch head round it - I can't either.

It was just today that this most vexings action was carried outs on us!


Bunnie was furst (poor thing).....

I do not really like this! Please stop.
She found it most distressing, and starteds to tremble as her smell began to faid and wash off!

Just look how her little face is so disgruntleds!

I watched from afar with much sympathy; I was completely ablivious to what was in store for me next.

But furst, a little shake......

And a dry in da shade.

I was just going inside when one of my Hoomans approached me and SUDDENLY........

A strong spray of water dids shower down on me and wash away my SMELL! Bunnie dids looks so very pleased with herself thats I was receiving the same treatment of SHOWER HORROR!


How vexing is dis.......
Buts luckily, it dids not last too long and soon we were boltings around the garden, shakings and rollings in da grass!

It takes much work to get ones smell back.......

We hope you're well (not loosing your smell or anything) and enjoyings June.
See you soon.
Enid & Bunnie xx