Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Funny Felines

Today,  I bet all my toys that I will have you HOWLING with laughter when you watch this!

And,  know I will not tell you what it is about,  just watch...
So a little funny, I think I said it was VERY funny just to get you over excited!
Shame it had a  CAT in it,  Enzo is his name: (snort) But in any case I should not over do my
complaining about that CAT.
Today I also got some tinned sardines (the CAT got some as well)  which I don't agree with,
Do you?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Teeth Terror

Today I was just sleeping in my Bed when I saw the Terror that awaited me.
                                                              The deadly TOOTH Brush
                                                    At once I new that it was coming for me...
                                                                      I made a dash for it...
                          I ran to the Sitting room were i sat by the arm chair and hoped...

                                                        Go away, my teeth are fine (even though they have                                                        layers of muck on them)
                                                       She got me, and 'ooow' how I hated it.             
                                                                 But now I am OK, i guess.
                                                                                  Enid x

Friday, 3 August 2012

A Break from reality

Last Monday me and my sister's and my Daddy went to Devon to have a Sunny break from  reality
I was reunited with my darling
His name is Murffy and he is my dearest friend!

Besides having a lovely time I did have a little accident.
I hurt my paws and had to be taken to the Vets
to get Bandages. But now they have healed and I am back HOME.
Oh, I miss him soooooo much, perhaps I will see him again.....
Any way back to reality, when I got back i fell ill with the worst illness of all...
LOVE Sick and I got Conjunctivitis, Mummy had to get some strange  drops for my Eyes.
so I was in the Wars...
Not any more.
Enid x

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Morning Mail

This Morning the Post- man came to deliver our mail, I thought I should make sure  everything was OK, I like to check things out,  before MUM gets there!
I call it "all clear" a little sniff, you know, we don't want any strange Mail coming in.
 Here is a funny photo (well I don't think it's funny) but my Humans do!!! Why could this be?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Evil Eyes

Today it rains and rains!  And this is what my humans call a TREAT!
In case you are wondering what it is (Don't worry it's not SICK) It's Tea with a berry biscuit in it.  But of course it was not to my liking, "I have taste Mummy, you know" She was not very pleased with me...
                                                                     So I sleep....
                                                     The CAT sleeps and gives me the Evil Eye.
                                                    he looks at me with his green glowing eyes, not the friendly glow of
                       respect I think I deserve, but the most Evil thing you could ever imagine.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Small Something

     The biscuits are soooo horrible, can't you see me wincing with horror when I ate them. My little sister made me do it, and even tricked me into thinking they were TREATS.  She also did the voice.
So I don't think I am an  Advert  Dog!!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


On Friday I had a VERY BIG  SURPRISE !!!   And......


                           Here it is on the plate, Sugar and lemon.....
                            AND here it is, my lovely pancake!
                        I am very lucky...   Though  at the moment it is RAINING, I don't like RAIN at all.
But what could be better than this, on a day like this one, Grey horrible...
I ask you what could be better than.... PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The End.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

If you had to choose!

When I presented Poo (a TOY) to you, which I am certain you all remember, I forgot to show you a older TOY of mine!
I present to you, Wolfy!!!
 As you can see, He has NO eyes and NO nose! All because of my kind treatment...
             Here I am playing  TUG of WAR with him and my little sister...

Here is my BUDDY, Mr. Kong-Air Dog...
                       I love all my TOY'S, but which one do I like the best?
                                                             Maybe you could help me choose?
                                                              If you had to choose one (Oh it's almost unbearable)
                                                             But if you did, say you were traveling to Africa and you had to choose one, to take with you.     What would it be?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My special Things!

Today I will show you dogs some of my SPECIAL things, Please tell me which one you like the BEST!!!

    This is one of my BEST scarfs!
                              And another one...

                    And here is my queen Elizabeth  Pearls!
You know, I love our Queen!                                                

She is....
A good Monarch ...
And "Hmmmm" what else?
Do you have any ideas?
If so please share them!

Thank you.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sun and Tinned MEAT!

I am sorry I have not been doing a post every day but I don't think it needed when we dogs have far better things to do.
Just like...
                                                         And this....
               Watching that CAT going up and down the Garden...
                                                     He really is strange!
Later, I enjoyed my half a tin of MEAT!!!
                                                                     Yum, Yum!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

OH Poo I love you!

Today I present to you my dearest beloved Poo who is my new TOY!
                                                    Please  everybody give Poo a nice welcome.

                                                          Oh Poo I love you !!!
                                                           Thank You everybody!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Sunday Adventure

Today I went on a Sunday adventure.

                                                          Up the lane

                                                           Under the gate

                                                       And into the field.

                                                     We saw some cows

                                                    Do you mind! This is MY field!

                                                       Into the meadow...

                                                    for a good scratch

                                                     Then back home...
                                                                      THE END

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Forbidden Field

Today I took myself on a little jaunt. That is what I call it, but my people take a less clement view on what they term "running away". You see there is a field, a very beautiful field, which is out of bounds. It belongs to some silly folk who think it is Richmond Park and that no dog that is not on a leash and has its humans frantically scanning for any you-know-whats is allowed in.
The annoying thing is that 'That Cat' wanders in and out freely! Now that is a breach on Doggy Rights, in my opinion- giving cats the upper hand.

     You see 'That Cat' is going into the field and I am not allowed!