Friday, 22 August 2014

Influential Friday

Hooooray! The love of my life, CHARLIE gaves me dis Most Influential Blogger Award! I'm so exciteds thats I finely gets to share with you my very classy tastes in music  I mean my favorite songs!

Whats you gotta do is this:
Post somes of your favorite songs on your blog and thens pass on the award to ten other bloggers so they cans do the sames!
I must confess I hads such a tricky times trying to choose whats songs to play to all you doggies with your high standards and pawsomes taste in everything.  So anyway, sit backs, makes your butties comfortables and click on the enhanced text below to listens to my playlist....

Song number 1 

Song number 2

Song number 3 

I hopes you liked them! I can'ts wait to hear everyone elses songs! Now fur choosing ten other lucky doggies to take on this wonderful award, here goes.......

1. Tweedles
2. Mitch
3. Molly
4. Amber Da Weenie
5. Dobby
6. Sarge
7. Dory
8. Murphy
9. Stanley
10. Nola

Have a fun Influential Friday my furiends!

 Enid xx


Monday, 11 August 2014

Mellow Monday Walkies

Today me and my Hoomans went on a mellow walkies which was a littles dull fur me, buts I'm sure all you doggies know hows lazy peoples can be when it comes to epic, longs and marvelous walkies.

The sun was shining and there was a fresh buts cold breeze as we set off on our amble.

While my Hoomans stood admirings the view (which was verys boring and uninspiring to me) I took a big leap and bolted aheads of them!

We passed some mysterious lookings boxes piled up, a strange buzzing noise was comings frum dem and I wanteds to go investigate. So as I advanced on the boxes, a sweet, thick smell filled my nostrils and enticed me to go in closer (coulds there be some sweet treats insides the boxes?). Suddenly, a small buzzing ball came flying towards me, and I knew, I was in trouble, so I ran and ran until the angry ball gave up and flew away!

 My Hoomans said the buzzing thingy was somethings called a Bee, and they makes sweet, runnys syrup called honey that peoples eat! I've nevers had an encounter with a Bee before, have you?? If you haven'ts you sure are lucky cuzz they're terrifying!!

Despite my traumatic experience we carried on with our walkies, past the swayings pink flowers...

Some red, yummy lookings berrys...

I coulds feel Lady Autumn slowly creepings up on me....

Whats a beautiful place to come fur a mellow Monday walkies.
I hope you doggies have been on a special walk as well today....
Until next time,
Enid xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tasty Tuesday Teatime

Today it rains and rains...buts my Hoomans mades such a yummy lookings teatime delight!

My peoples call it Eton Mess (buts I can'ts figure outs why its called that).  It doesn't look pawticulalys eaten and messy to me...
I hope you all have somethings delicious to eats on Tasty Tuesday!
Enid xx

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Black And White Sunday

Hello my Furiends....

Enid xx