Friday, 28 February 2014

The Grand Finale...

Hello Blogville!
Today as I'm sures you is alls aware, is the show day of all the Dress-Up Dog Contest entries!
In my post abouts the contest I did says thats I woulds be showing all the photos the day after the closings date buts I was just itchings frum head to paws to gets these pieces of arts out there!

Before we sit down and begin the show I woulds likes to say a specials thank you to DORY
 THE MAD SCOTS and  SHILON and SHASTA  furs puttings the word outs abouts me and this fabulous Contest (because withouts them I woulds not be here rights now showing all these pawsomes photos to you guys).
So sit back and watch...
I present to you...
Molly (from)
Dobby (from) His Muddy Paw Prints

Dory  (from)

Amber Da Weenie (from)

Max Da Weenie (from) 

Molly (from) 

Mitch (from) 

Greta  (from) 

Hazel  (from)

Margaret Mae  (from)
Stella Rose (from)
Angus McConnell (from)   

Tweedles  (from)

Charlie (from) 

Shilon and Shasta  (from)

Casey  (from)

Cinderella  (from)

                                                                    George  (from)
                                                                      Pugs & Purrs                                 

                                                                           Toby  (from)
                                                                           Pugs & Purrs
                                                                         Lily  (from)
                                                                        Pugs & Purrs

                                                                        Mimi   (from)
                                                                         Pugs & Purrs

                                                                                   Benji and Lassie  (from)
                                                                    Lassiter Chase and Benjamin the Shelties
Whats wonderfuls photos!!! I just can'ts choose who shoulds be the WINNER... I know, why don'ts we haves a VOTE??? Select a Doggie on the VOTINGS list at the top of this post and you nevers know, you coulds be the WINNER! Please feels free to shamelessly VOTE furs yourself though, if you please. Thanks you all verys much furs pawticipatings in my Dress-Up Dog Contest!
Enid xx
The VOTE closings date and time is the 10th of March 12 o'clock (mid day).
Please lets me know if the VOTINGS poll at the tops of this page is workings (if its not then just VOTE furs a doggie in your comment).  I'm sorry's if everything seems up-side-down buts I'm rathers new to all this blogger technology!!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Pink and Orange Valentines

Hi there Furends of Blog Land!

This mornings a bigs bunch of red and orange roses arriveds furs my Mummy froms her admirer alongs with a heart shaped flower- bud holder!

Hope you alls haves a wonderfuls love packed Valentines Day!
                                                          Smielys and Valentines Howls,
                                                                          Enid xx
                           P.S  To finds out mores abouts my Dress-Up Dog Contest I'm hostings this month please clicks HERE and you nevers know, you coulds be the WINNER!         

Monday, 10 February 2014


Hi there furies!
Its sorts of ready-steady....STOP this times with the Dress-Up Dog Contest since onlys TWO doggies has entered!!! Me and my Hoomans were a bit puts outs by the pitifuls amounts of dogs who joined in. So I have decideds to postpone the contest for a few weeks so the closings date wills actuallys be the 28th of February insteads of the 10th. Please, please please remembers to send me your photo by then, and you never know, you could be the Winner!
Rathers a lots has happened since my last post:
My Hoomans mades the most delicious CHOCOLATE cupcakes and I gots to eats a few!

                     And, alongside the cupcakes they also made a little chocolate teddy bear!
                                           Here he is next to his silver metal friend!
                   They also mades me a pancake of my verys own withs my name written on it!
Then finally, last and definitelys least was a dry shampooing session withs my Hoomans which I was nots enthusiastics abouts. Since they'd takens me on a long and muddy walkies earlier thats morning they decideds it was times for a wash, and what betters shampoo to use thans DRY shampoo foam for all you doggies who don'ts likes to get wet!

My Hoomans settled on usings the DogsTrust product since it has a goods reputation and guess what?
So you see you can'ts reallys resist buyings a DogsTrust product since every times you buys it a dog is goings to be saved!
As much as I liked the idea of whats buyings the shampoo dids for others doggies, I didn'ts likes what it dids to me.

To watch the video of me sufferings as one of my Hoomans cleaned my coat and mades me smells horriblys clean click HERE

                                               So, as you see I didn'ts likes it verys much!
But it is a verys goods product, to visits the the website click HERE then you can donate, rehome, sponsor and do much mores for other doggies!

  And please don'ts forgets abouts your Dress-Up Dog Contest  photo that must be emailed to me by the 28th  of February  because it woulds be so verys fun to see everydoggies photos!
  Untill next time,
  Enid xx