Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Nearly 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR  to everydoggy!!!

Can'ts wait fur all the adventures and wonderful things thats will happen in 2015. Best wishes fur a treat year.

Enid xx

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Christmas by the Sea

Dear Furiends, I hope you hads a wonderful Christmas!!!
Me and my Hoomans wents down to the seaside and stayed in a bigs, grand house by the beach to celebrate. It was fabulous!

And............. I haves bigs news fur you my Furiends, so here we go.....................


At furst when we wents on the the beach with the huge loud puddle I was scared, well that's puttings it mild, and I ran away backs to the house, ignoring Mummy's calls, buts my Hoomans wouldn'ts have it and made sure that next time, I didn'ts run away in terror! So, I bets my Charlie wills be verys pleased to here (beings the handsome beach boy that he is), that as time wents on I gots used to the sea and learned to love it.
Look at me now!!!

There I go, zoominggg............

The beach was beautifuls on Christmas day!

I ran and ran.............

I bet you can'ts catch me.

Played with a new friend..............

Now Charlie, I know this doggie is what you call a Black Bloke, buts he was really verys nice and gentlemanly so you don'ts need to worry abouts him flirtings with me.

So I carried on jumpings around and even founds a Clam restings on the sand (at least I think its a clam) which was verys pretty and smelt most interestings.

I made paw prints in the sand..............

and drew a heart fur my true love, Charlie!!! I love you.

Your fragrance is most interestings, is it badger poo or seagull turd?
Made a new furiend with this white fluffy gal.

Then, headed back home fur a good nap, sea walkies can be so exhausting!

I hopes you guys enjoyed this post and I will try to catch ups on all your great blogs after beings away fur such a longs time!
Until next time,
Enid xx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Christmas Dress Up

Hello my Furiends!

I'm sorry it has beens such a longs time buts, my Hoomans have been doings a lot of that strange thing 'Christmas Shopping'. They tooks me with dem once - an experience I does never wants to re-visit again!  All the peoples and the shops, the loud music and the really clean smelling clothes. Where's all the badger poo and stinky dog toys?! Hoomans are so verys curious!

Anyway Happy Christmas fur Thursday! I can't wait. My Hoomans dids put ups that funny, indoor tree again and decorate it with stuffs.

And.... I thoughts It would be goods to do some Christmas dressings up so, here I come.....................................................

I am dressed ups in my Christmas Winged Angel outfit!!! Like it?

I'm itchings to see whats you doggies have in store fur the Christmas dressings up department and don't forget my annual Dress-Up Dog Contest is comings up in February, the time is close now!!! Do please enters when the time comes and you never coulds be the WINNER!
Buts fur now,
Enid xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

Mummy's Monday trip to Paris

Today Mummy gots back from her weekend trip to PARIS! My CHARLIE was just talkings abouts me and him goings to Paris and then my Mummy wents! How strange is dat?! Anyway, she broughts back some just PAWSOME and beautiful things from Paris and I couldn'ts resist sharing them with you.

Here are somes beautiful notebooks and cards from da Picasso Museum! Buts the most excitings thing of all was these.................

MACAROONS!!!!!!!!! From a lovely Parisian Macaroon shop, Ladurée.

Just looks at them beautifuls, bright colours...

So you can imagine how surprised and delighteds I was when my Hoomans gave me one!

I wish all you doggies coulds have tried a taste beacause it was unlike any other sweety I've evers tasted before and in my life I've hads rather a vast culinary experience of the food world. It was sweet and almondy buts creamy, soft and crunchy all at the same time! It was scrumptious.

 I hopes you enjoyed this post.
See ya next time!
Enid xx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sneaky and cheeky

I'm beings rathers sneaky and cheeky today....... my mummy doesn't lets me go ups on her deliciously soft and plump bed because I'm usually a bit smelly I mean hairy and malting, (oops, shouldn'ts have said that, I mights put my  Charlie off) anyway, today I felt likes a cheeky pup, so I decided to brave the swift trot to mummy's bedroom where her divine bed awaiteds me!

I kepts on my guard mind! ears pricked, eyes wide.....though sometimes I woulds find myself dozing offs into a soft snooze. I was discovered of course.
Oh well, hope fur better lucks next time!
Enid xx

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween Everydoggy!

Happy Halloween to everydoggy! I hopes you gets lots of treats and play some scary tricks on peoples. Since it is such a special occasion I thoughts I should dress up!

Gets ready fur my magnificence......................................

Don'ts I look dead and mournful in my wedding dress?

I can'ts wait to see what you guys dress up as this Halloween, I bet you'll look pawtacular!
Have a wonderful time pups.
Enid xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Black & White Love at First Sight

Today, on this verys special Black & White Sunday, my Hoomans gots me a very specials new toy!!!

I new at once thats it was pure toy-love at furst sights.  I've called my toy Butter because I do loves butter and sometimes do steal packets from the side in the kitchen and devour them within 10 seconds!

Now I haves Butter I have somethings to cuddle at night (though I really do wish I was cuddling my CHARLIE).
I hopes you all haves a pawtacular Black & White Sunday with lots of num-num treats and toys.
Love ya,
Enid xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thunder On Throw Back Thursday

Today the sky dids cry a lot of tears and a big, angry rumblings sound wents on fur ages and ages - Mummy calls it thunder!

This remindeds me of when I was a pup and I dids cry for hours on end when there was a lots of thunder, do any of you guys gets petrified when the sky does shouts at you?? I gets in such a states!
So anyway, I thoughts it woulds be a nice thing to do to cheer myselfs up by postings some funny and adorable photos and videos of whens I was little!

Here goes......

Me, watchings the telly fur da furst time!

Me after my first walkies in the snow, I hads to have a hot water bottle and blanket afterwards.

I hopes you enjoyed!
Enid xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Black and White Return

I hope you all are havings a wonderfuls Black and White Sunday!

I'm back!
Enid xx

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Super Model Sepia Saturday

Doing some Modelings fur Nights In Iron pawsomes bed company! Checks it outs and take a look at some beautifuls, hand-forged, strong iron beds and haves a greats Sepia Saturday!

Enid xx

Friday, 22 August 2014

Influential Friday

Hooooray! The love of my life, CHARLIE gaves me dis Most Influential Blogger Award! I'm so exciteds thats I finely gets to share with you my very classy tastes in music  I mean my favorite songs!

Whats you gotta do is this:
Post somes of your favorite songs on your blog and thens pass on the award to ten other bloggers so they cans do the sames!
I must confess I hads such a tricky times trying to choose whats songs to play to all you doggies with your high standards and pawsomes taste in everything.  So anyway, sit backs, makes your butties comfortables and click on the enhanced text below to listens to my playlist....

Song number 1 

Song number 2

Song number 3 

I hopes you liked them! I can'ts wait to hear everyone elses songs! Now fur choosing ten other lucky doggies to take on this wonderful award, here goes.......

1. Tweedles
2. Mitch
3. Molly
4. Amber Da Weenie
5. Dobby
6. Sarge
7. Dory
8. Murphy
9. Stanley
10. Nola

Have a fun Influential Friday my furiends!

 Enid xx


Monday, 11 August 2014

Mellow Monday Walkies

Today me and my Hoomans went on a mellow walkies which was a littles dull fur me, buts I'm sure all you doggies know hows lazy peoples can be when it comes to epic, longs and marvelous walkies.

The sun was shining and there was a fresh buts cold breeze as we set off on our amble.

While my Hoomans stood admirings the view (which was verys boring and uninspiring to me) I took a big leap and bolted aheads of them!

We passed some mysterious lookings boxes piled up, a strange buzzing noise was comings frum dem and I wanteds to go investigate. So as I advanced on the boxes, a sweet, thick smell filled my nostrils and enticed me to go in closer (coulds there be some sweet treats insides the boxes?). Suddenly, a small buzzing ball came flying towards me, and I knew, I was in trouble, so I ran and ran until the angry ball gave up and flew away!

 My Hoomans said the buzzing thingy was somethings called a Bee, and they makes sweet, runnys syrup called honey that peoples eat! I've nevers had an encounter with a Bee before, have you?? If you haven'ts you sure are lucky cuzz they're terrifying!!

Despite my traumatic experience we carried on with our walkies, past the swayings pink flowers...

Some red, yummy lookings berrys...

I coulds feel Lady Autumn slowly creepings up on me....

Whats a beautiful place to come fur a mellow Monday walkies.
I hope you doggies have been on a special walk as well today....
Until next time,
Enid xx