Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween Everydoggy!

Happy Halloween to everydoggy! I hopes you gets lots of treats and play some scary tricks on peoples. Since it is such a special occasion I thoughts I should dress up!

Gets ready fur my magnificence......................................

Don'ts I look dead and mournful in my wedding dress?

I can'ts wait to see what you guys dress up as this Halloween, I bet you'll look pawtacular!
Have a wonderful time pups.
Enid xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Black & White Love at First Sight

Today, on this verys special Black & White Sunday, my Hoomans gots me a very specials new toy!!!

I new at once thats it was pure toy-love at furst sights.  I've called my toy Butter because I do loves butter and sometimes do steal packets from the side in the kitchen and devour them within 10 seconds!

Now I haves Butter I have somethings to cuddle at night (though I really do wish I was cuddling my CHARLIE).
I hopes you all haves a pawtacular Black & White Sunday with lots of num-num treats and toys.
Love ya,
Enid xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thunder On Throw Back Thursday

Today the sky dids cry a lot of tears and a big, angry rumblings sound wents on fur ages and ages - Mummy calls it thunder!

This remindeds me of when I was a pup and I dids cry for hours on end when there was a lots of thunder, do any of you guys gets petrified when the sky does shouts at you?? I gets in such a states!
So anyway, I thoughts it woulds be a nice thing to do to cheer myselfs up by postings some funny and adorable photos and videos of whens I was little!

Here goes......

Me, watchings the telly fur da furst time!

Me after my first walkies in the snow, I hads to have a hot water bottle and blanket afterwards.

I hopes you enjoyed!
Enid xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Black and White Return

I hope you all are havings a wonderfuls Black and White Sunday!

I'm back!
Enid xx