Thursday, 28 May 2015

Oh Sun, Glorious Sun!

I'm back! So sorry to haves been away and aloof all this time buts, you know whats these Hoomans can be likes; distracteds by lots of 'important' things when really they shoulds be helpings their doggie to do their bloggy! Anyway, while we were away from Blogville, since the sunshine is just startings to show its face, I've been teachings Bunnie how to sunbathe in style!
As you all know, I love the sun and lie outs in our Mummy's garden all day if I gets the chance (a girl must sun herself to keeps looking good). So I thought it was high time little sis, Bunnie had a go!

We starteds off sunbathings on the warm pattio......

Bunnie watched the bugs and butterflies (and the camera) with bewilderment......

Most interestings, I must say
I recieved the scents and messages being carried by the wind.........
We're such lucky doggies to haves such a sublime garden to sunbathe in! Our Mummy is a very keen gardener (though I'm too chic for it myself) and it just so happens that her passion is so strong, its contageous and has rubbed off on Bunnie who has become quite the gardener! She follows Mummy around while she's gardening and helps her pull up weeds (though sometimes she gets confused and pulls up the wrong ones) and she loves to smell the flowers.

Then it was times to hand it overs to Bunnie to gives you a tour of Mummy's garden.
Hello everyone, Bunnie here. Lets get started with the tour!
First up: a white Lylic flower. These are so pretty and smell lovely.....

Second: Purple Iris.....

Thirdly: Mummy's herb patch, including Mint, Goosberries, Rhubarb and the little blue shed in the background......

Then Mummy's favourite of all......

Her roses....

Then last but not least, my favourite thing......
This fairytale bench  I like to sit under with my toys!

We hope you've enjoyed the little tour of our garden! We'll be back soon.
Enid & Bunnie xx


  1. Great sun puddle surfing there
    I luffs your fairytale bench, its pawfect!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. that is a wonderful garden to be relaxing in

  3. Crikey Enid ..... I sure have missed you. I do wish I could soak up some of that sun, with you, in your beautiful garden. Be careful though Enid ...... that sun can be mighty damaging on delicate skin. Bunnie sure is growing up, aye?? One day she might fit into those ears!! She sure is a cutie and what a good big sister you are to her. Your garden is really nice. I can almost smell those roses.
    Crikey Enid ...... it sure is good to hear you ...... Love, Always .... your Charlie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. CRIKEY Enid..... we see that Charlie is SOOOOOOO excited to see and hear from you .... that he FURGOT to ask you to the Blogville DANCE this coming week.... JUST SAYIN...

    OMD we are HAPPY to see the two of you... LOVED the tour of your lovely garden.

    1. Crikey Frankie ..... what the heck!! Did you have to blab!!! OMD ..... I'm devo. I'm working on it. It wasn't MY fault. I saw On Sarge's post BOTH our names and I thought Enid had assumed we were going together. OMD ...... Enid ...... I didn't ask you .... please forgive me ..... I'm a TERRIBLE boyfriend. I'll make it up ... I promise ..... OMD ..... I feel sooooooooooooooo BAD!!! Can you send a photo to Sarge. If you can't I told him to pinch one. I think it's past the dead line but I'm sure Sarge will forgive us. Crikey Enid ..... PLEEEEEEASE forgive me.

    2. Oh, of course I forgives you Charlie! Don't feel bad. I has been sooo outs of touch with Blogville recently that I didn't even know about dis Dance Thingy - how bad is dat?! I think its way past the dead line fur our pics but we'll gets another chance to puts our dancing paws on real soon! You're the best boyfuriend EVER so never doubt yourself!!!
      Enid xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh you two look so good in the sun! If it would ever stop raining here maybe I could sun bath too! Play bows,


  6. That was a lovely garden tour! We have a lot of the same things in our garden too. Ghostwriter looks at me sidelong and says she would have a better garden if I would quit stomping on her plants. I say, when they grow tall enough, I'll quit stomping, and start peeing on them instead. Ghostwriter now gives me the stink eye. I think I'll just slink away and hide now …

  7. Doesn't that springtime sun feel so good on your body! Your mom's flowers are just gorgeous, Enid and Bunny!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Wow,, those are the most beautiful flowers I ever did see!

  9. Yes, my guys like to lay in the sun too. What a lovely garden. Bunny, bet it looks so great because you helped.

  10. Nothing beats a nice lie in the sun :) Milo & Jet


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