Friday, 25 September 2015

Foraging Friday

Hello everyone!
We hopes you're all well and enjoyings September. Me and Bunnie are very exciteds since its Foraging Season!!! We went with our Hoomans on a fun foraging expedition today and wanteds to share in with you pups!

So, we set out at midday for the fields near our house. The weather was crisp and sunny!

As soon as I was outs in the open, I starteds speedings through the grass...

We found some berries....

and some more.....

Bunnie dids her pooch speeding.....

Hmmm! Delicious!
Me and the little one found some BADGER POO! Sadly, we didn'ts have time to roll in the delicious stuff because our Hoomans knew whats we were thinkings about before we did!

Lovely, English countryside view....

We picked some more blackberries...

Yum! Musn't get scurvy...

Red pretty!

We wen't past a big pile of logs!

Bunnie! Stop it.
Bunnie starteds to chew at my fatty rolls under my chin...

More pretty flowers...

Wild Cherries!

My Hoomans made me pose fur a photo!

Then it was times to head back with our berries.
Later that day our Hoomans made yummy, buttery shortbread with blackberries!!!

How good does that look?!
We hope you enjoyed this Foraging Friday post and we will see you soon!
Enid & Bunnie xx


  1. What a SUPER POOPER FABulous day you had there! BUTT you weren't allowed to roll???? What's up with that???


  2. That is a super special walk with lots of good stuff. Hopefully next time you will get to roll in the poop.

  3. That looks super yummy! What a fun day.

  4. Yum. Blackberries! What a beautiful countryside!

  5. Wow, dat are so cool to find all dem berries!

  6. That looks like a great day :) Milo & Jet

  7. We'd love to join your foraging!

    Shortbread with blackberries sounds wonderful!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. Wow, a beautiful walk and blackberries to boot. Sorry to hear about the missed opportunity with the badger poo.


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